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Some Math

Vector Addition
Cross Product  
Instantaneous Speed
Instantaneous Velocity  

Integration - 1

Integration - 2  
Cartesian Coordinates
Spherical Polar Coordinates
Spherical Polar Coordinates (Java 3D)


Reference Frames
Apply the Brakes  
Catch Up  
Avoid Crash
Boat and River
Relative Motion  
Racing Blocks
Roll Away  
Circle Plus
Moving On a Disc
Projection from the Ground
Horizontal Projection from a Height
Projectile Motion - Displacement Vectors
Projectile Motion - Collisison
Chase - 1
Chase - 2



Block on an inclined plane
Newton's Cradle
Center of Mass
Rolling and slipping
Roll, hit and slip
Conservation Of Energy
Equilibrium of Blocks
Angular momentum - Uniform Motion
Angular momentum Vector
Change of Axis
Rod Disc Collision
Slipping Rod
Laws of Kepler I & II
Laws of Kepler - III Law
Projection of a satellite
Close Earth Projection

One particle in a central field

Many particles in a central field



Simple Harmonic Motion
Phase Difference
Simple Pendulum
Spring Mass Oscillations
Two Body Oscillations
Coupled Oscillations
Double Pendulum
Forced Oscillations
Lissajous Figures



Transverse Waves
Transverse Waves - Reference Circle
Adding Tranverse Waves - 1
Adding Tranverse Waves - 2
Tranverse Wave - Segment
Reflection & Transmission
Polarized Wave
Electromagnetic Wave
Longitudinal Waves

Adding Longitudinal Waves

Harmonics -1  
Harmonics -2
Group & Phase Velocities
Ripple Tank
Doppler Effect  



Molecular Motion  



Electric Field Lines
Power from a Cell
RC Circuit
Charge in a Magnetic Field

Charge in Electric & Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Field (Axis of Circular Coil)
Moving Conductor in Magnetic Field
Thomson's Postive ray Analyis




Refraction through a prism
Spherical Mirrors & Lenses
Optical Instruments
Young's Double Slit Experiment
Single Slit Diffraction
Double Slit Ineterference and Diffraction
Huygens's Principle (Reflection & Refraction)
Fermat's Principle
Huygens's Principle (Wave Front)


Black Body Radiation
Color - Addition & Subtraction
Vernier Calipers
Circle Illusion
Rain Bow
Flowing Photons
Two Way Switch



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