I am a physics teacher in the UK would it be possible to provide downloadable Java Applets for use in the classroom? I can understand if you are reluctant to do this but I don’t have access to a live internet connection whilst teaching (though I use a projector, don’t ask why I have not got a network connection… long story.) 

Alan Forster

I founded your applets to be fascinating and very educational.

Is there a way to download then and run on a non internet connected computer? 

I am particularly interested in this one: http://surendranath.tripod.com/Applets/Heat/MolMotion/MolMotionApplet.html 

Viktor M.Ginic, P.Eng.

Building Science Engineer


Thanks ever so much.  Now, I just need to get these good ideas into my kids heads!!!!!



My name is Arten Shuqja. I work as a Physics teacher in "Eqrem Cabej" high school in the capital city of Albania, Tirane. In my school there is no physics lab, so most of the experimental works in the lab may be substituted by relying on Virtual Physics Laboratory.Your simulations included in General Physics Java Applets publicised in site http://surendranath.tripod.com/Applets.html would be very useful for my students. Please could you send me the applets copies included in the following list? I would appreciate it.


1.     Charge in Magnetic Field

2.     Charged Particle in Electric & Magnetic Fields

3.     Conservation of Energy

4.     Motion of Centre of Mass

5.     Angular Momentum

6.     Polarised Wave



My formal education in physics is limited to senior high and some early post secondary studies. ( I eventually majored in business administration) although I persue many physics subjects for entertainment. My curiosity however is rarely satisfied partly because I can rhyme off some of the priciples by rote but my understanding of them is somewhat lacking
    Your simulations have allowed me to visualize some of the fundementals in action and let me see these principles at work. Your website has gone a long way to helping me elevate my pleasure in discovering the things that make our world work.

Thank you;
Allan Michael


I am suresh Physics teacher in Navodaya vidyalaya.  I have gone through the jave applets which are made by you. The way in which you constructed the slides  is really excellent. Congradulations for the vision. It is the real kindling of education especialy physics. The three dimensional figures are very attractive  and I showed all the slides to my children From Class IX to XII. They were very happy,since they understood the concept only after seeing the slides of you. 


With love and regards



My name is Enrique Caliz and I teach Physics here in Belize ( a small English speaking country in Central America). I have found your website very useful. I would like very much to be able to show my students these applets but unfortunately when I save the website on my laptop the applets don't come up. In my class I don't have an internet connection so I need to be able to view the site offline. I have tried "adding to favorites" with the "view offline" box checked and it still doesn't work. I would be happy to purchase a CD with the programs from you or if there is some other solution I would be happy to try it. I have a website where I put my lessons perhaps you could take a glance at it( its http://www.ecaliz.com ).


I especially love your wave simulations and as that is what I'll be teaching this semester I was hoping to use them as part of my class presentation.

Anyway here's  hoping I get a reply from you.





Thanks very much! I have much Java'ing to do :)


My name is Simon Huss. I am a former scientist/engineer and current high

school and community college teacher in Venice, CA. I just want to applaud

and thank-you for the tremendous research you have provided with your online

applets. These tools are fantastic for difficult visualizations!

As a former C++ dabbler, I am curious to know how you got dtarted in JAVA

applet programming, the relative ease or difficulty of generating the

graphics, etc...

Thanks again,

Dr. Huss

Physics Teacher,

Venice High School,

Venice, CA


I want to tell you my special thanks for sending me your applets. Your contribution for understanding physics is very useful for students.

I am sure my students will enjoy with your work.

Thanks again, very much, and regards from Spain.

Receive my consideration and congratulations.

Prof. José Rodríguez García

University of Oviedo (Spain)