Just to say thankyou. All the best Mark Hesketh (Physics Teacher )


My name is Peter Gemeiner and I am a PhD student from the Vienna University

of Technology.

I admire your webpage and I would like to ask

you, if it is possible to download those Applets (in a zip file).

Thank you for your answer and for the very nice webpage!

Best regards,

Peter Gemeiner--


Research assistant




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are wonderful.   I very much appreciate the applets that you kindly emailed me – look forward to any new applets that you may develop.

 I googled your website with great applets.  Is there any way that I could transfer them to my computer?  

Also, I have a 2nd question:  Are you the same, or related to,  Dr. Reddy with whom I have published in Phys. Rev. A 70, 062718 (2004)? 


Gregory Lapicki


Firstly, thank you, very much, for your contribution in understanding physics. Your applets are very

useful and very interesting for teaching activities. Congratulations.

I am teaching Electromagnetism and Waves in University of Oviedo. I am selecting the best

applets for my teachnig interest for making my virtual lab CD. In this way, yo can avoid internet conexion

and lost time. ¿How can I download your applets? ¿Can I obtain permissión from you?

All your help will be very useful for me.

Thanks, very much, for your contribution to the students.

Prof. Jose Rodriguez

our web:

It's very kind of you to answer my proposal. Here the link I'd really like to let my students work with your lucid interactive applet on Lat/Long
Kugelkoordinaten (Engl)
Our students are beginners in English only. I am therefore thankful for your offer to translate some key-words and agree with you, most of it is self explanotary rathermore so, if some keywords appear for confirmation in German .

I'd suppose to translate the following:

Latitude = (appearing in the black, upper right corner) into "geogr. Breite"
Longitude = "geographische Länge"

Latitudinal Arc might appear in the black part in translation as "Breitenkreis - Bogen"


ring round the surface as well as "voller Breitenkreis"

Furthermore would it help if the menue was preset onto
Latitudes and Longitudes rather than globe as it is now

as the students are dealing with geographical coordinates at first hand.

Thank you so much for your kind offer. If you were in contact with students (around 12 - 14years old) and beginners in English, interested in pen-friend-ships, I'd try to coach it from my end.

Thank you again

Yours sincerely