my name is Giuseppe Zito and perhaps you know me through my web pages:

that contain many links to your wonderful applets.

I am working now ,toghether with a group of collaborators in the Physics

Department in Bari, on this project for world year of Physics 2005:

You find a presentation in english here:

We would like to help physics teachers by giving them free of charge a

cd-rom with online resources that can be used without internet access.

We aren't interested in mirroring your whole site but just

in using some of your applets as basis for classroom demonstrations.

For this reason we ask to copy the applets on our site and

on the cd-rom. Of course their original URL and a copyright notice

will be present in each one of them.

We will select a few applets and we will add a detailed explanation in

Italian on how to use then toghether with some curricular units.

We have just started but you can see an example here with an applet from

another author:

Best regards,


P.S. If you prefer to have your whole site mirrored we can also arrange to

do it.

I teach in a rural Canadian high school and I am interested in obtaining

your applets for embedding into lecture presentaions. I do not like

having to rely on my internet connection during lectures. How can go

about obtaining these applets?


Derrick Toporowski

I am Physics teacher for many years in Zimbabwe and

finding the applets very good. However in my country,a

developing country, there are a number of barriers as

regards connecting to the internet. I am however

interested in finding out how students would react to

some of these. Is there a possibility of having some

on static media like a CD ROM and still run them. I am

also new to the technology but am interested to find

out how children learn with these.

Yours sincerely

Watson Mlambo