Looking around for improving didactics on the subject of (p*V=R*T) I fell on your Java applet.


I'm teching 7-8 graders (12-13 years old) at public secondary school in Switzerland. (see

My pupils are beginners in English as well as in Physics.

I'd therefore like to embed your applet (after traslating the buttons into German or placing additional explanation beside it) into one of our school-html learning pages.

Would it be possible to get all data files needed from your end, including the permission to place it on our school-page (under your (c))?

Thank you for considering.
Looking forward to hearing from you



Thank you very much for these applets they made the whole wave thing alot easier for me.

We use your applets alot in our science class

keep on doing this it is really helpfull!


- Cheers Tom Roels , The Netherlands


As a secondary school teacher in Canada I admire and use your java applets

to help with my teaching of physics.

I am having some difficulty with the program that deals with the motion of

a charged particle in magnetic and electric fields. It appears to work

well with the default values but ignores changes made in the control

column on the right. I am able to change the values in the control column

but these are not reflected in the simulation itself. For example, if I

change the electric field to 0 the charge still accelerates up the z axis.

Our computers use Windows 98 as the operating system.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Robert Gemmell

Physics teacher

Earl of March Secondary School

Kanata, ON



Thank you for providing such a valuable resource.  Your animations clearly demonstrate concepts that were once too abstract for some students!


Rob Kure


I just wanted to let you know how helpful your applets are. I teach physics to freshman and seniors in high school. Without your animations, I almost think it would not be possible to cover the topic of waves in any meaningful way with the younger students. When you moved the site off of tripod, we were all sad for a day or two until we found the new site.

Everyone's favorite applet: stationary wave.
Best applet: interference pattern.

Thank you so much for making these available to us. Please visit the freshman physics syllabus at


if you would like to see all your applets at work. (The web site is not complete yet, of course)

Sarah Flynn

PS I would love to write physics applets. If you get a chance, could you recommend a good way to start learning how to do this. I might be able to pick apart the code for a basic example, but if you have any tips and a spare minute to pass them along, I would appreciate it very much.


thank you so much! It's very nice of you to help me out :-)

Also thanks for some great applets it makes some physics concepts so much easier to teach.

Best wishes,



A note of appreciation for your Physics Applets. I, and my colleague, have used a number of them to help with my Physics teaching. I work in Preston, UK and prepare students for A- level. I have found you wave simulations particularly valuable.


Thanks again


Keith Snape