t great to see so many great applets that you made available.


Is it possible to download them onto our server?



Graham Batchelor

Riccarton High school


New Zealand


Thanks so much. We will surely check the links.




first please excuse me because write directly to you.

I want to know if possible to get the source code of 'board and river'

It will very useful for me, i have to do a work for university and i'm trying to collect as much data as I can to make and final-work.

Anyway, your site is excellente.

gracias y saludos!!



We would be happy to have you use some of our short videos from the

Physics Question of the Week in your educational CD, conditional on the


1. Please let me know which videos you intend to use for our approval,

along with the credit line as per below.

2. Credit must be given to the University of Maryland in the following

form: "Copyright by the University of Maryland, used with permission."

This must appear at the beginning of each video near any other title

material that you include, or at the lionk tao the video.

3. Please send us a copy of the final CD with any related advertising


I hope that your CD will meet your expectations and that it is helpful to

physics teachers.

Best wishes,


Hi i'm a physics teacher in kuwait.


Was wondering if it's possible to use your applets offline as I don't have much online access?


Hope to hear from you,


yours faithfully,


Deirdre Jennings :)