Thank you very much for accepting to mirror your applet on our site. I

am confident that our site will provide you with an increased exposure

and more teachers and students will benefit from your hard work.

To make the mirroring easier and more accurate, I am asking that you

send me a copy of your files.

Again, please accept my gratitude.



Thank you for the kind words about our Physics Question of the Week.

I looked at a bunch of your very impressive applets, and found them

very effective and very easy to use.

One sort of small issue with which I have a slight quibble involves the

double slit experiment. I believe that the range of wavelengths is a bit

too wide - people really can't see above 700 millimicrons or below 400

millimicrons. Also, you have put a bit of red into the color for the deep

violet, making it slightly magenta or purple, which is not correct. I

have seen several applets that do the same thing, so there must be some

common source that is incorrect. Or maybe the authors are just trying to

make a bigger differentiation of color at the far violet end of the

spectrum, which is very hard to see. I think this has lead to the

misconception that "violet" containing red and blue is at the far end of

the spectrum.

Anyway, I like the applets.

I am having the Physics Department people review your request for use of

the Questions of the Week; we have to avoid funny situations where the

things can get out of control. I will get back to you soon.

Thank you for your interest.

Best wishes,

Dick Berg