Hi i'm a physics teacher in kuwait. 

Was wondering if it's possible to use your applets offline as I don't have much online access?


Hope to hear from you,


yours faithfully,


Deirdre Jennings :)


Thank you very much for accepting to mirror your applet on our site. I

am confident that our site will provide you with an increased exposure

and more teachers and students will benefit from your hard work.

To make the mirroring easier and more accurate, I am asking that you

send me a copy of your files.

Again, please accept my gratitude.




I am a high school Physics teacher in the United

States of America. I love your applets! They have

helped my students tremendously over the past years.

I am now working on an activity on Reflection and

Transmission and yesterday your simulation was working

but today I just get a blank screen. Would you please

tell me if there is a problem?

I appreciate your help very much!

Dolores Gende


I am a high school physics teacher in Brockville, ON, Canada. First of

all, let me say a big thank you for all the work you have put in to

making your applets available. I always use the wave motion ones in my

classes, they are the best I've ever seen. :-) Is there any

possibility of getting any of these on CD? Having to use a live

internet connection is sometimes inconvenient, and I'd love to have a

more flexible format. Are they available to be accessed off line?


John Childs