Your Physics applets are most impressive - thank you.

I am having trouble showing my students at school one in particular (it works OK at my home, but not via the school network). It is the animation of transverse waves showing reflection and transmission.

Is there any way I can save it to my hard drive for "offline" use (with your permisssion)




Geoff Phillips

Our authors are currently interested in the following applets from your site:

We would be prepared to pay £90 per applet per use, i.e. if we used the same animation on two different CD's, we would pay £90 a time.  We require the applet only, and no accompanying text.  You may send us the credit line you require, which would accompany the animation on the 'page' it was shown. Many suppliers choose a link to their website i.e  (c) or their name i.e. (c)  Surendranath 2004

I very much look forward to your reply, and feel certain we can establish a good working relationship.
All the best,

Holly Myers
Publishing Assistant - Science
Nelson Thornes

I am putting together a list of good Physics applet pages so that our

faculty can use them in class. I hope that you won't mind. Please let me

know if you have a particular name you'd like the site called.



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Gavin Fulmer

Lecture Demonstrations

Department of Physics

University of Washington


Regarding the animation you have placed onto your website, let me first say that it is very effective when using it as a teaching aid.


I am currently a final year student at University of Hertfordhire and my final year project is to create a similar animation as a teaching tool.  Part of the objective is to enable it to be interactive by being able to change frequency etc.


I am restricted to what programme to use, I am using Macromedia Flash MX to create my animation.  I would appreciate it if you could give me suggestions on how to create my animation.  Because at the moment, I only have lines moving across without giving me or the audience a true representative of a sound wave.


Much appreciated.



Dencel Puro