Congratulations on your excellent website, I was most impressed.  I work for the UK educational publisher Nelson Thornes and we are embarking on a new project to encourage an interest in science from children aged 11-14 years.  We feel it is important to stimulate and encourage children to embrace this subject, and I believe many of your applets  would be an excellent way of helping us achieve this.
Would you be interested in selling us non-exclusive rights to use your simulations on one of our CD-ROM's?  Full credit would of course be given, directing users to your website if required.  As we are an educational publisher we cannot offer a large fee for its use, but I am certain suitable terms can be agreed.

In the case of us requiring several animations, perhaps some sort of arrangement could be made?  I would be very interested in your estimates for buying single and multiple animations.
If you could contact me regarding this matter as soon as possible I would be most grateful,
All the best,
Holly Myers
Publishing Assistant - Science
Nelson Thornes

I found your site with physics applets, and ran the applet with "charged

particle in E and B field" yesterday. It's very nice (like the other

applets, too) and I decided to show it in my class room today (I'm a

physics teacher in Gothenburg, Sweden). Today, however, the applet doesn't

work. Is it under reconstruction?

Sincerely yours,

Magnus Waller

the webpages titled"general physics java applets"  are very good.
i want to have them on my computer(i.e. I want to download them) I am not
able to do so. please show me a way

I`m teachear in Brazil. I want use your applets in my job. How I can todo a download?

Thank you

Roberto Lúcio Gonçalves leite

Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brazil

Thank you for the link to your applet. I have used many of the applets you have created in my physics classes. They are very helpful to the students!! Thanks for making them available.

Justin Parke

Oakland Mills High School

Columbia, MD

My name is Dimas Irawan, I am a physics science teacher in Indonesia.

I am interested on your animation about physics waves. I am also interested on using it in my class, but it seems I'm having a problem when I tried to copy your web page. Is it copy protected ? If so, I would like to ask for your kindness to let me have a copy your web page.

I'll wait for your favourable reply.


Best Regards,

Dimas Irawan