I'm a physics teacher in the UK and have been using your applets in my teaching for a while now.

I wonder if there is a way you could let me have the applets so that I can use them offline - not all our classrooms have Internet access.

They really are very good ... you should sell them!!!!

Best wishes,  Jon Foyle



I'm high school student from one little country in Southeastern Europe.

I'm searching through internet for interactive animations about physic and

mathemathic. I need them for my school so we can learn with fun.

So, please send me your animations so they could be included in our (sill

under construction) library of animations.

Thank you.

Regards Neno


I am a Brazilian Physics teacher and I would like to know if I can copy some of your applets to use with my students... and if I can, how I could do it ?????


Thanks ......

Fábio Luiz Cabrero


I am a graduate student at Minnesota state University USA. I am from Nepal. I like your applet very much. Thank you.



It worked well with this offline browser

And also your applett is very usefful for undestanding vibrations

Many thanks 


Sergio Luiz Jabur Salomão

FAG Serviços Industriais
Av das Nações Unidas 21612
04795-913 São Paulo SP

fone 0055-11-3491-8891
fax 0055-11-5522-8901



I use your applets all the time in my class. They are fantastic!!

Can you please have a start page that doesn't have the java menu? It keeps

freezing my windows NT. Thanks!

Tim DeHaas



I am Head of Physics at Wolverhampton Grammar School in the UK 

I have written quite a lot of physics software in the past but not in Java 

I was planning to learn Java in order to translate my old programs on to the PC platform but it appears that you have basically done it all for me! 

I am really impressed with your applets and when I have had a good look at them, I will pass on some sugestions and ideas for new ones. 

In the meantime, I am currently putting together a CDROM of resource materials for my A level students for them to use at home. Is it possible for me to obtain the source and class files for your applets so that I can distribute them on a CD? 

Secondly, I would greatly appreciate some assistance in getting started with Java. I have a book on the subject and I have downloaded the JDK from Sun microsystems but I cannot get even the simplest example program to compile. Perhaps you can give me some clues? 

J.Oliver Linton

Head of Physics

Wolverhampton Grammar School

Compton Road


WV3 9RB jolinton@btinternet.com