I am a Physics Teacher from England and I would just like to say how much I like your Physics applets of:
-- transverse wave (showing that the particles don't move with the wave but just oscillate up and down) -- how a phasor can be used to describe wave motion.
I searched for what seemed like an age on the internet for some good wave animations but most that I found weren't clear enough or too confusing for students to understand. Yours were perfect not too complex and showed the effects beautifully clearly.
I would very much like to use the animations I have mentioned in my classroom teaching but I do not have access to the internet in my lab (just a portable data projector that I can connect to my lap top). I have tried to download your animations but so I can run them stand alone on my computer but it doesn't seem to work. I wonder, if you wouldn't mind, could send me the files or code so that I can run the animations without being connected to the internet.
If you have no objections to this I would be very grateful, as I think the students would gain a lot from seeming these animations and it would help there understanding of the topic tremendously.
Many Thanks
Sarah Usher.


Im mechanical engineer and I found your applet about forced oscillations at http://surendranath.tripod.com/Shm/FDHM.html very interesting for educational purposes of graphs and vibrations.
I would like to use it as educational purposes and of course mentioning the source  
Can you send me this applets to run it off line,without be connected to the internet?
Sergio Luiz Jabur Salomão

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Your applets are a useful tool for teaching 6th year pupils advanced high school Physics.

I have been trawling the internet for free applets that demonstrate some of the concepts more clearly than could be done in staic form on a black board (or rather white board!).

Often simulated experiments are more convenient and cheaper than the real thing- though the purist might object.

Finally, our pupils are used to high quality images and high tech presentation. We do our subject no favours by being archaic in our methods...

Best wishes,

Bernard Bowers



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