I am a Physics teacher in Hong Kong. While I prepared my lessons, I found your web. It is very useful and the javas are excellent. The animations are very helpful and illustrative. The one I used is the single slit diffraction. You are the only one I find  using the vector approach to explain the formation of the maximas and minimas of the single slit diffraction. Once again, may I express my sincere thanks to your work.


Best regards,

Loong Man Chun


I teach high school physics and was wondering about getting your physics applets for my classroom. Do you make them available for use offline and if so how do I get them?


Douglas Weaver


I am a teacher physics in the Netherlands. I would like to place several

applets on our website (www.usgym.nl). Is this an option? Can I download the

necessary files?

With kind regards, M. Kleijne


Using search engine we discovered your site and found the applets to be very useful for our lectures in General Physics. Unfortunately, we do not have internet connections in our lecture room.

We are asking you a favor for an advice: is it possible to download some of the applets or to obtain CD containing the ones?

Thank you in advance.


On behalf of the teaching staff,

Jonas Gradauskas

Prof. Assist.


Physics Dept.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Sauletekio av. 11

LT-2040, Vilnius



Myself, vipin kumar,workind as Assitant faculty in physics at OASIS EDucational Services , New Delhi. while visiting through your website i get impressed by the new technological way of teaching. My organisation is presently working on such new method of teaching. I am looking after all this. my organisation keenly intrested in devising these methods. I want a sincere help from your side. i will be very grateful to you if you can provide us java applets of physics as these applets don't work without a net connection.

looking froward to eagerly reply from your side.

yours truly



I am a physics teacher from bangalore, India. I teach students of 12th standard.

I found your site on the web. The contents will be very helpful to make the student easier to understand. 

i down loaded these pages, but the applets are not down loadable. can you please send these applets to me. 

OR   suggest how i can down load these applets. 

looking for your mail




I'm in northgerman project "Physics multimedial. Physics for nonphysicists". I have builded a mediabase, wehre I collect Animations, applets, pictures, websites, videos, photos, which can be used by docents in teaching physics. I will be glad to describe and put your applets on our mediabaseserver. But it will be good, if you allow to put the applets on our servers and allow small rearranging of presentation: first appplet, then description. May be you can allow download on lecture computer as our author Fend allows. I have prepared two materials, what you can try out for making decision.

Our mediabase is protected with pathword, but I allow you to look direct: Please ope, and the click on "Zur Medianbank". Then write in the field Suche (donw left corner) your name Suren and you will get a list with 2 record. Please study especcially the Vector Math, where I have rearranged the appearance and Putted (C) to your name and Linked to the german Server.

I you dosnt allow to put the applet on our mediabase, the I will delete it and give only the second record. If you allow, then I will prepare other your applets in thge same manner.

Sincerely your Prof. Dr. Tomass Romanovskis

University Hamburg,

Institute of Experimental physics