Thanks  for the applets you have made available for Physics teaching. My students appreciate them very much. (all ability, 11 to 18 year olds).

Have you thought of doing some simulations of heat transfer, such as conduction a metal rod showing vibrating ions, and free electrons transferring thermal energy?

Keep up the fantastic work

Dave Monteith

Toot Hill School



NG13 8BL


I am involved in the creation of a school website at a high school in

England and wondered if it would be possible for you to send me a copy of

your java applets on waves. The applets would be a fantastic addition to

the website and the whole school would be very grateful.

Thanks and regards,

  1. Simpson

Je suis professeur agrégé de mécanique et enseigne l'étude de construction en première et terminale STI.

Je touve vos animations en mécanique très intéressantes et pense les intégrer au cours que je donne dans ces classes.

Pourriez-vous m'envoyer en fichiers joints ou par tout autre moyen les fichiers d'applet java html de ces animations.

Merci par avance


I came across your web site on physics and got particularly interested in the relative motion applet. Could you please send me the source code particularly to the "RelMotion.class" one for objects moving relative to each other and relative to the ground.
I am not a java expert but doing some simulation in mobile computing.
Thank you and
best regards

I have just found your web site, and I wanted to let you know I think they

are great applets - very useful for learning and getting ideas accross

visually. I congratulate you on your very good work.

Yours truly,

Roger Kinkead


Roger Kinkead,

Apartment 2, Lesley Plaza,

2a Osborne Park,

Lisburn Road,


Northern Ireland, BT9 6JN