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We are currently reviewing our course "Physics 30".  The course is delivered both in print format and online our WebCT site which is password protected. Only the staff and learners enrolled in this program will have access to the online version of the course.


We would like to establish a text link to your web site at URL: It would be included for the learners as a resource/reference site to view the Electrical Fields as part of their assignment.


Full credit will be given to your organization if permission is granted for Bow Valley College to link to your site.


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My name is Shuly Kapon and I am a physics teacher from Israel.

I want to thank you for your applets. I use them frequently with my pupils. 

I was asked to lecture teachers about the use I find in the web for physics learning. I want to show them 2 of your applets as an example. The problem is that there will be no internet connection where the lecture is going to take place. Could you please send me the source of those 2 applets that are listed below? 

Charged Particle in Electric & Magnetic Fields 

Electric Field Lines

Many thanks, Shuly.

First of all please excuse my broken english. I am a student at the university of

Dortmund, West-Germany. Together with some friends I'm studying Wirtschaftsmathematik.

That means we study a combination of economic and mathematic subjects.

This year we have to develop a Java-progamm which simulates the movement of a satellite

between two planets. The mathematical part was not much of a problem. We had a system

of two differential equations, which we will solve with a Runge-Kutta algorithm. The

problem is that we also have to develop some kind of graphical user interface. In our

two Java lessons we learned that you can progamm a GUI with Java, but not how this can

be done.On your web-site we saw an applet which simulates a satellite with one planet,

and so we... uhm, would kindly like to ask if we could get a view into your programm,

to have something to start with. We don't want to copy it, because first of all it

would be of no use due to the differences, second we would like to develop something

new and just need a little hint or push in the right direction.

I hope this question was understandable and see forward to your answer.


Christian Berlitz

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